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R&D Center Profile

In commemoration of our founder's lifetime contributions to the nation's industrial developments, chairman & CEO Douglas Tong Hsu felt that research and developments are required for further improvement. For this reason, we have established the “Far Eastern Group R&D Center” to not only encourage and focus on innovation, but also further improve our core competence and create new values to achieve greater accomplishments and future success.

Department Introduction

Date of establishment: 2001.01.01
Center facility construction complete: 2002.12.23


Center Policy

As the leader of domestic textile industry, Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) has been devoted to increasing designing capacity of research. To create higher value in products, the “Far Eastern Group R&D Center”combines researching personnel and resources to expand core technical capacity, innovate product structures, develop high value products which meet market demands and to completely transform Far Eastern New Century Corporation (FENC) into a high-tech industry.

R&D states its short-term goals of research in "Highlights in polyester, environmental protection, energy saving and carbon emission reduction”, using company basic research foundation of PET synthetic technology to develop PET synthesized raw materials and PET products, and to expand the application of PET in high value-added industries. We integrate research resources and core specialties of related domestic industries, aim on the green energy/green material industry ,develop CO2-based/bio-based materials, and expand market to medical materials and new materials products with most potential in future markets hoping to increase the company's energy for sustainable management.

Center Policy

To extend the advantages of innovation for market expansion, R&D center was restructured since August 2020. In R&D center, we not only focus on Business of Solid State Polymer, Fiber, and Textile (supported by departments of Polyester Packaging ,Polyester Film ,Chemical Fibers, Textile & Finishing, Industrial Fibers, and Shoe Materials), but also develop strategic new materials for subsidiary company of Far Eastern Group (supported by departments of Green Materials, Biomedical, New Materials, Advanced Fibers, and Advanced Polyester) for meeting needs from business divisions and applications of future new materials.

Missions and strategies

Missions and strategies

  • To integrate organizational research resources, to enhance development of core technology and new high value-added products, and to strengthen competitive advantages.
  • Improvement of communication with domestic and foreign industries, integration of technology for biomedical, optoelectronics and other related fields in order to create new values.
  • Human resource investment and research capacity enhancement to achieve excellence as an enterprise.

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