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Textile & Finishing
New products
Functional spun yarn and textile

Development of functional filament and spun yarn fabric for moisture management, thermal management spun yarn/fabric

  • Cotton-like polyester spun yarn/fabric. (intrinsic hydrophilic, quick dry and cotton-like hand feel)
  • Quick dry polyester spun yarn/fabric. (water repellent, moisture management)
  • Thermal fabric and spun yarn
  • Heat shielding fabric and spun yarn
Smart Textile

Develop conductive membrane, the core technology of Smart Textile. We apply sensing, light-emitting and electrical stimulation to the fabric which could be used in sports and home decoration fabrics

  • Dynafeed Threapy
  • Active light emitting fabric
  • Fabric with sensing function
Eco-Finishing process (without water and solvent)

Environmental-friendly finishing agent and its applications in functional textiles

  • Hydrophilic and cooling
  • Hydrophilic and deformation
  • One-way transportation
  • Anti-pilling finishing processing
Coating & Lamination

Eco-friendly(without water and solvent) coating and lamination manufacture process to make functional textiles for artificial leather, life style, outdoor applications

  • Eco-Artificial leather
  • Eco water proof and breathable fabric
Chun-Yi Lee
Deputy Manager

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