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New products
Wound care dressings

We have developed a series of wound dressings which can be used in inflammatory phase until scar reconstruction phase. The advanced active dressings based on tissue engineering are under developing:
Wound dressing:
Enhance acute wound and chronic wound recovery.

Skin substitutes:
Skin substitute is a kind of advanced wound dressings which can be used in chronic wound or donor site.

Artificial skin:
Apply the technology of tissue engineering to develop artificial skin containing cells and biomaterials.

Dental Materials

We have developed a series of teeth whitening kits and fillers, and we will continue to develop advanced fillers and GTR films.

Orthopedic materials

We have developed orthopedic materials, such as absorbable
bone nails, screws, plate and bone graft substitute ,and we will
continue to study the orthopedic materials which can help self-recovery.

  • Absorbable Bone Nails/Plates
  • Injectable Bone Graft Substitute
  • Bone Graft Substitute
Antimicrobial polymer

The mechanism of our antimicrobial polymer is “contact killing way” and no poison will be released. It makes our product safer than small molecule of anti-microbial agents because of avoiding chemical leakage from small molecule. Also, the functional group of the antimicrobial polymer can be regenerated.
We will provide product customization service using our antimicrobial polymer, and in the future, we will keep on design series of antimicrobial products for personal home care and environment control.

Mei Ting Fan Chiang
Deputy Manager

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